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Grace Glass

Innovative and extravagant GG-bongs in exciting designs!

The glass bongs by GG consist of the perfect mix of bright colors, exuberant shapes and unique construction. Trademark of the Grace Glass bongs definitely are the high-end percolators: efficient cooling-systems, that make the smoke extraordinarily smooth and mellow. For everyone that is fed up with boredom, we offer a large variety of fancy GG bongs with individual equipment and exceptional smoking performance in our online shop.

Smoke in style with the special bongs by GG

The glass water pipes from Grace Glass have a high recognition value and are the perfect choice for smokers with taste thanks to their futuristic percolator-systems and bold designs. High-Quality glass, exact glass to glass fittings and easy handling provide superb smoking experiences for beginners and pros alike.

Percolators, diffusors, smoother: which is which?

In general, terms like percolator or diffusor describe additional cooling-systems in bongs. Smoke and water get whirled up in these, which leads to a cool, pollutant-reduced smoke.
  • Tree: Separate percolator chamber filled with water. The smoke flows up over a tube in the middle and then into the water inside the chamber through multiple arms with slits at their ends. Very good filtration, but also harder drag.
  • Dome: Also called showerhead or UFO. Percolator filled with water. They usea glass tube that comes up through the middle from the chamber below. This tube is covered by a dome reaching down into the water, where the smoke exits into the water as bubbles.
  • Mushroom: Typical for Grace Glace are the ?mushroom?-percolators. They work in the same way as domes.
  • Spiral: Independent percolator with water. A tube sucks up the smoke from the chamber below, then gets distributed into two spirals that reach down into the water of the filter, where it divides into many bubbles.
  • Honeycomb: Disc-percolator in the neck of the bong. Many small holes swirl up the smoke and water, which results in a larger surface of the smoke. Like this, a big amount of tar and other pollutants gets absorbed by the water, without deteriorating the drag.
  • Diffusor downstem: Glass to glass fitting with 29,9 mm on the bong, the diffusor downstem reduces it to 18,8 mm. Through multiple arms with slits at their ends, this shillum divides the smoke into many small to medium bubbles instead of a few big ones.

How to clean any Grace Glass percolator bong best:

Unfortunately, the smoke of burned tobacco and suchlike leaves residue even in the best bongs, as well as lime in water, that builds up. This discolors the glass with time and compromises a good taste. But don?t worry! If you can?t get results with brushes, water and soap, you don?t have to despair!

  • Let your bong soak overnight! In professional bong cleaning detergent and (not boiling) hot water.
  • Pay attention to the right cleaning detergent: cleaner or anti-lime.
  • If nothing works: Fill medical alcohol with at least 90% together with normal salt into the bong, close all openings and shake well. Especially sticky residues solve in the alcohol and the salt works like sandpaper, without scratching the glass.
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