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Autoflowering genetics

Autoflowering cannabis seeds, " autos ", automatics or autoflowers are the names of these self-flowering genetics. In the pedigree of such strains you can find ruderalis cannabis genetics alongside classic cannabis sativa strains. These originate from particularly harsh areas with extreme climatic conditions such as southern Siberia, northern Kazakhstan or Russia.

Especially in colder regions with shorter summers, Automatics offer a wonderful opportunity to grow outdoors.The rough climate of their ancestors gives the autoflowering marijuana seeds resistance and strength. At the same time, the Automatic hemp plants grow and flower remarkably fast. This means that they remain small until the end, making them ideal for growing in confined spaces and also significantly less susceptible to disease, mould or fungal attack.

Thanks to their size, Autoflowers can be grown very discreetly both indoors and outdoors. For indoor growers, however, it is important to provide the plants with 20 hours of light per day throughout their life cycle.

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