Bum Bum Shiva: Everything about Charas

Bum Bum Shiva: Everything about Charas - What is Charas? Or: The best Hashish in the world.

What is Charas? Or: The best hash in the world.

Whoever has ever had the pleasure of trying really good Charas will never forget this experience for a lifetime. The unmistakable sweet scent and the strong high of a Charas joint or chillum usually remain in the memory as an intense memento.

But what is Charas and how is it produced? Today we want to answer these and other questions on the subject and take you on an adventure through the Hindu tradition of cannabis use!

What is charas and how is it produced?

Charas is a special variant of Hashish. It is not obtained by sieving dry flower material as in the Arabic world, but from the fresh plant. The hemp flowers are rubbed between the hands by gently massaging them until the cannabis resin sticks to the palm of the hand. The hemp flowers are used to harvest the sacred resin 2-3 weeks before they are ready for harvest and the THC content in the plant is highest.

Unlike other extracts, no additives or chemicals are used in the production of charas. It is therefore an extremely gentle hashish production, but also a particularly lengthy one. Only a few grams can be produced by one person per day, which of course has an effect on the selling price.

The origin - where Charas originates from

Today as thousands of years ago, Charas is produced in northern India, smoked by holy Saddhus to connect with Shiva, sold to tourists and smuggled all over the world.

Old Indian scriptures written more than 3500 years ago, like the Vedas or the Atharva Veda, deal extensively with the healing power of hemp. At that time it was already considered one of the five holy plants, praised as a liberator and source of bliss.

"Bhaṅgā" in Sanskrit or "Bhang" in Hindi remains an important part of Indian history, culture and religion until today. Shiva, one of the highest and most popular gods of India, is also often depicted smoking Charas. The Shivas worship their god by stuffing themselves a Chillum (a pipe made of clay), smoking and devoting themselves to deep meditation.

Legal prohibition of cannabis in India

For millennia, cannabis has been used for religious and medical purposes in northern India, Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan. In India, hemp is so deeply interwoven in the Hindu religion that even a strict ban in the 80s of the last century was of no use - hashish is still consumed by many believers and cannabis fans.

The prohibition law still exists, but is executed much less today than when it was introduced. Prison sentences do not exist any more, but policemen today earn a small additional income through Charas consumers. The production mostly takes place in very remote parts and mountainous regions of the Himalayas, where the state authorities have difficulty getting to.

Following ancient paths - The cannabis legends of the Himalayas

Many backpackers, cannabinados and strain collectors still like to travel to the distant Parvati Valley or parts of Nepal to smoke one of the old strains, such as Malana Cream, which is known for its very high THC content. Not easy to find is also an old and well known variety called Kerala Gold or also often called Idukki Gold.

Many hemp fields fell victim to the drug authorities, were raided and burned down. Old strains were almost exterminated. Newer crosses with the old varieties like "Sheelavathi" are less strong than the original varieties and have adapted perfectly to the North Indian climate.

In 3 easy steps to your own Charas

You should start the whole process two to three weeks before the actual harvest of your plants. Before you commence the Charas production, wash your hands thoroughly. It is best not to use perfumed soap, as this can alter the taste of your Charas. PH-neutral soap is always a good choice.

  1. Pick several beautiful, large buds and free them from the large and small leaves until the bud is exposed. You should not throw the excess away, you can make hemp butter or other extracts from it later.
  2. Now start to rub the flowers very gently in the palms of your hands. Take your time and do not rush. The pressure will make the resin stick to the palm of your hand. If you slightly increase the force of your massage, more and more resin will be released from the buds. Your palm will become darker and darker and the resin will turn sticky. Be patient and keep kneading until the bud doesn't give any more resin. Finally, you can squeeze out the last bit of resin with even more pressure.
  3. You have already completed the laborious part. Now rub your hands together and form the won charas into a ball. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with as many flowers as you like until you have reached your desired goal.

Enjoy charas like an Indian god

As already mentioned, the Charas is traditionally smoked in a pipe made of clay. Traditional chillums are still made by hand and therefore vary in size, shape and quality. This variant of Charas smoking not only has class but also gives the best results.

Of course you can also smoke your Charas in a joint. Simply roll a thin line and place it lengthwise in your spliff. Rather avoid splitting the Charas into small crumbs and sprinkle them into the joint, because this can be very unpleasant when smoking. The joint will not burn nicely, the glowing pieces will fall out and can burn your hand, carpet or couch.

Small tip: Use rather small quantities at the beginning! Be aware: you have the purest extract of the cannabis plant - and this has already knocked many experienced hash smokers out of their socks!

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