CBD Paste and Wax

Organic CBD wax as golden as fresh bee honey

Our cannabidiol pastes are refreshingly pure and authentic extracts with CBD levels from 10 % to 66 % CBD. Thanks to happy, healthy plants, gentle extraction and careful quality control, you can always count on a reliable, high-quality product. All our CBD pastes are entirely natural products without artificial additives and contain less than 0.05 % or 0.3 % THC. In addition to pure CBD paste we also offer a huge variety of wax with added terpenes. This way, you can find aromas like apple, raspberry or cookies.

Cannabidiol paste in premium quality

  1. Full spectrum CBD paste: Complete extract of whole hemp plants. Gently extracted from biodynamically cultivated, pure hemp using CO2.
  2. Paste enriched with CBD crystals: Sustainably obtained from organically grown hemp.
  3. CBD wax with various aromas: Added terpenes create unique fragrances.

CBD Wax: Careful CO2 processing for an exclusive product.

To always guarantee a superior quality of the cannabidiol pastes and to ensure the highest possible purity, the CBD is gently extracted from the hemp plants: In order for the CBD to reach a particularly soluble state, the cannabis flowers are exposed to a certain pressure and temperature. The active ingredient is then dissolved from the plant using CO2. The extract gained in this way is enriched with a small amount of hemp seed oil until an ideal, smooth and viscous consistency is achieved. Although this method of cannabis extraction is more complex, the effort pays off by delivering incomparable results. Like this, the CBD paste contains all the ingredients of the hemp plant and has a first-class aroma.

Natural CBD products of the highest quality

The CBD paste, also known as CBD Wax or CBD Oil, is one of the most concentrated CBD extracts and is made up from a large part of the active ingredients of the cannabis plant in a highly compressed form.

All Aromakult pastes include only organic CBD. Furthermore, the Plant of Life pastes are available in a multitude of exciting fragrances: from fruity variants such as banana or mango to aromas of cannabis strains such as Strawberry Diesel or OG Kush.

The following CBD contents are available in our online shop:

Find the best CBD paste for you in our online shop

Depending on yourrequirements, we offer different packaging sizes of our CBD pastes:

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