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Crystalline CBD extract as clean and concentrated as never before

CBD products are available in many different forms, ranging from natural buds to clever extracts, mixtures and tinctures. For anyone who is looking for a particularly pure product, this is the perfect category. With a cannabidiol content of over 99%, our sparkling CBD crystals are by far the purest and strongest CBD extract on the market. Fine as powdered sugar and of radiant purity, we offer you crystalline CBD either from Aromakult or Plant of Life.

CBD Crystals: The most pure extract there is

You get to choose between pure crystals or crystals enriched with single-variety cannabis terpenes. Furthermore, there are many different aromas, fruity and fresh like banana, watermelon or kiwi as well as CBD crystals with terpene-profiles of cannabis strains like Gorilla Glue, Mango Kush or Lemon Haze.

Browse through the CBD crystals on offer in our online shop or learn more about this unique product by continuing reading below.

Be yourself with our cannabidiol crystals!

Many of the CBD drops you can buy today are made up of edible oil and a proportion of added CBD crystals. Using a highly concentrated CBD extract can be useful if you want to process it in many different ways.The reason for this is obvious: Further processing is much easier if the raw material consists of almost 100% active ingredient. This allows the extract to be easily mixed with other substances such as oil.

Uncomplicated application: dissolving CBD crystals

Are you looking for the right way to dissolve CBD crystals quickly and easily? Take a moment to learn all about the properties of our crystals.

  • Solubility of CBD: practically insoluble in water. Soluble in alcohol, oils, propylene glycol and chloroform.
  • Dosage of CBD crystals: Use of a sensitive precision scale for accurate results.

The remaining 0.5 %

You are probably wondering why our crystals consist of approx. 99.5 % and not 100 % CBD and what the remaining 0.5 % are all about.

The answer is soothing, because they are not synthetic supplements but all natural ingredients. With the extraction of CBD, traces of terpenes and other cannabinoids dissolvefrom the cannabis flowers.They make up the proportion of the crystals that is not composed of CBD. A higher purity would not be possible as well as unnecessary.

From aromas and terpenes

In fact, we do not only offer pure CBD crystals, but also those enhanced with pure, genuine cannabis terpenes from Californian hemp plants. For example, you will find crystals with fullspectrum terpenes of varieties such as Game Changer, Critical Mass or Organic Hemp. In addition, there are many amazing aromas like chocolate or bubblegum, also provided by special terpenes.

Packaging details of our fine CBD crystals

Buy first class CBD crystals online: You will find crystals in packaging sizes of 100 mg, 500 mg and 1000 mg.

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