Cannabis Buds

Aromatic time-out with our cannabis buds

Dive into a world of new possibilities and explore our diverse selection of cannabis flowers! All our buds are cultivated in Austria or Switzerland and are mainly organic. You get to choose between indoor, outdoor or greenhouse, as well asmany different fragrances and various cannabidiol (CBD) proportions between 3 % and 8 %. The THC content of the cannabis flowers, on the other hand, is less than 0.3 %.

We pay great attention to healthy, happy plants. Our EU hemp varieties are carefully selected and bred, while the hemp flowers are tested in a laboratory. This allows us to guarantee the purity and quality of our Aromakult buds.

Finally you can buyCannabisin Austria!

Hemp has been farmed and used by humans for thousands of years, which makes it one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. The fibres, leaves and flowers were used in many different ways and have accompanied our civilization until today. Therefore, we are particularly happy to be able to present the Aromakultflowers to you. The contained CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant and appears naturally in the flowers. All our buds contain less than 0.2 % or 0.3% THC and are constantly monitored.

A universe full of heavenly aromas

The plants from which the Aromakult flowers are obtained enjoy excellent conditions and provide the basis for a high-quality product. Whether you prefer an aroma of berries or forest and soil, a floral and sweet or a fresh and fruity fragrance, choose it for yourself.

In order to maintain the quality of the flowers over time, they are carefully packed and sealed in Miron violet glass containers. This special glass protects the contents from the entire spectrum of visible light, except for the violet part. This part, the UV-A and infrared light, has a stimulating effect on the cannabis flowers.

Best qualityhemp buds

Depending on your needs, we offer plant-based smoking products in different packaging units:

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