Boost bongs: get more bang for your buck!

If you want to spend less money on your glass bong without renouncing high quality and awesome functionality, you will definitely find a suitable one among our Boost pipes. We offer Boost glassware in countless shapes, designs and heights to comply with all your wishes. All our models have one thing in common: The glass has a thickness of 5 mm, which makes them stand out and provides the bongs with extremely high stability.

Make the best experiences with a Boost glass bong from our online shop

Boost bongs doubtlessly rank among the most popular glass pipes in this price category. The use of exceedingly thick glass, massive glass-to-glass fittings and stable bowls grants a pleasant, smooth smoking experience. The remarkably thick glass and impressively solid ground joints are presumably the reason for Boost water pipes being that well liked and run-after. Taken care of, a Boost can be a true companion with exceedingly fine smoking qualities and high durability.

Beaker, Bouncer, Twister: All about the glass water-pipes from Boost.

In general, we distinguish between three different types of Boost bongs:

  • Bowl/Straight: This option sums up the bongs that are equipped with an either round (Bouncer) or tapered bowl (Beaker) and have a straight neck. Here, you can also find special designs with crazy spikes (Hells Fury, Zig Zag) or bright glass in rasta-colors and percolators.
  • Straight/Bend: The so-called "Hangover" Boost pipes don?t have a bowl. The neck, however, bends in the lower part, which increases the water volume and ensures comfortable handling.
  • Straight: These models have a straight neck without a bowl. You can choose between broad (Cane) and slim necks (Twister, Icebong).

Additional, you can select a convenient height and pick a bong with or without ice pinch. All Boost bongs have a carb hole. If you prefer to smoke your Boost without kick hole, we also sell fitting plugs to seal the hole in the bong.

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