Transport Bags

The ABSCENT collection is simple, stylish and effective.

We want you to travel safely and relaxed without having to worry about unwanted smells. That's why we offer ABSCENT bags, the best and most effective odor-absorbing transport bags on the market! ABSCENT Design produces durable high-end bags lined with concentrated activated carbon, to control even the strongest smells. ABSCENT bags are developed and manufactured in North America using only high-quality materials from the US. Available in small pocket sizes and larger formats, e.g. as backpacks, ABSCENT is always at your side when you are on the move.

Exclusive design meets innovative functionality

Beautiful, discreet colors, modern shapes and the remarkable, odor-neutralizing technology make ABSCENT products unique. You get to choose between many practical models and various stunning colors such as Crimson Red, Midnight Blue, Black Forest Camouflage, OD Green, Graphite Grey and Black.

Why the odor-absorbing ABSCENT bags stand out:

  • Activated carbon lining of the highest quality
  • Antimicrobial lining to protect activated carbon
  • Water- and smell-proof zippers
  • Water resistant outer material
  • Fewer seams for better protection from unwanted odors
  • Robust, conscientious processing
  • High durability
  • Discreet, no logo

The best bags and backpacks to neutralize any odor

  • Banker, Pocket Protector: Small bags, double padded with activated carbon lining. With odor-concealing flap and double Velcro.
  • Toiletry Bag: Toilet bag format. Double activated carbon lining, spacious main compartment and zipper. Lockable.
  • Backpack, Backpack Insert: Practical backpacks with single activated carbon lining. The secondary pockets are odor-absorbing, too. Zipper and industrial Velcro closure. All models except ?Backpack Insert? can be locked.
  • Duffel Bag: Travel bag with activated carbon lining, separate inner pouch also lined with activated carbon. Removable backpack straps, padded handle. With zipper and industrial Velcro closure. Lockable.

Correct use of ABSCENT bags

  1. Fill your odorous herbs into a sealable plastic bag or suitable container before placing them in the ABSCENT bag.
  2. Use the sturdy zipper and/or Velcro to reliably trap odors in your storage bag.
  3. Take everything you want with you and still enjoy carefree trips!
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